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We are your reliable partner in providing you with highly vetted and exceptionally skilled DevOps engineers who can propel your business to new heights!

At Mangtas, we have created a curated marketplace of tech vendors so that you can readily and easily augment your staff with top vetted tech talent.
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"Through their vendor selection and rigorous candidate vetting process, Mangtas provides us high-quality candidates that result in a higher closing rate than other vendors, saving us a lot of time and speeding up our hiring.
They are also very customer-centric and responsive to our requests. It's been a pleasure working with them."
VP Engineering Ninja Van Group
"We are using the Mangtas Platform to connect with fantastic clients.
Their matching process ensures that clients are a good fit, and that long term deals are closed quickly.

Also, contracting, payments, etc. is all well streamlined for us.

Mangtas is a very reliable partner."
Co-Founder, Thinkitive
"It is a great experience working with the team.
Mangtas has a smooth onboarding process, the account managers are always there to help and answer your questions, and the payments are secure and on-time. They helped us to get business for niche technology teams."
Founder, Repozitory

What is DevOps?

DevOps is not a technology but a software development strategy. A team strategy that combines best practices, the right tools and a great culture to achieve the best results for your business.

Through the synergy of development (Dev) and operations (Ops) departments, better and more reliable products are brought to market.

DevOps engineers drive change in IT culture, centering on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of Agile and Lean practices.

Benefits of Having a DevOps Engineer in your Team

“Agility resulting in faster delivery”

For a high-performing DevOps team, speed is everything. In their practice, software development has a shorter turnaround time.

In other words, with your DevOps team you can simply get more done.

“More room for creativity”

DevOps Engineers have a scope of the entire end-to-end process. This makes it easier for them to set up changes for improvement.

Smaller and rapid deployments coupled with automation contribute to numerous time-savings, leaving the team more room to frame new ideas.  

“Reduce business expenses”

DevOps Engineers offer financial advantages through their constant pursuit of efficiency. Because of this practice, continuous improvement and faster deployment can result to a massive return on investment.

“Breaking down the silos”  

DevOps is all about working together – fast! It calls for the collaboration of both the development and operations teams in all stages of software development: from product design and development to testing, deployment and support.

This unique process of working together entails shared ownership and work flows, driving change in common IT culture by adding value to your teams through a more inclusive approach.

“Deliver exceptional customer experience”

At the end of the day, you are in business for your customers.

By being involved in not only the development but also in the operational aspects of the business, a DevOps Engineer gains a better understanding of your customers' needs. This in turn results to the creation of an improved product, an optimal user experience, and increased customer loyalty.

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DevOps Engineers promote better application development and faster release of software features and products to customers.

At Mangtas, we help augment your tech staff through our partnerships with reliable tech vendors. Through this ecosystem, we are able to provide you with top tech talents at scale. Together, let's elevate your business to new heights!

All of our DevOps Engineers go through a rigorous process of skills, expertise, and knowledge assessments. This ensures that you are only matched with the best profiles that you are looking for.

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Benefits for Vendors
Global Access
Available business opportunities from all over the world… or just close to home.
Cost Effective
The platform is FREE plus we do the marketing for you!
Build a Reputation
Accumulate positive client endorsements and elevate your status.
Ease of Use
Well structured collaboration tools integrated for a smooth and transparent work flow.
Direct Payout
Receive payment immediately upon project completion.
Benefits for Clients
Quality Work
Vetted and highly-skilled teams for your project needs.
Easy Management
Straightforward, single point of contact. Team leader will delegate to his/her team members.
Cost Effective
Reduce your costs by up to 70% without sacrificing on the quality of service/s you receive with just a small transaction fee.
Secure Payments
No hidden costs. Always know what you'll pay for upfront. Your payment won't be released until you approve the work.
Full non-disclosure agreements.