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"Mangtas is a great marketplace to find high quality clients for our resources.
I'm very impressed by the professionalism and the passion of the entire team. I hope to have more chances to collaborate with Mangtas."
CEO, SETA International
"We are using the Mangtas Platform to connect with fantastic clients.
Their matching process ensures that clients are a good fit, and that long term deals are closed quickly.

Also, contracting, payments, etc. is all well streamlined for us.

Mangtas is a very reliable partner.”
Co-Founder, Thinkitive
"We believe in Mangtas’ systematic vetting and matching process!
Their data-rich and structured talent profiles really help a lot in building a point of view before deciding to proceed with an interview.

The team has always been very responsive and helpful in the process of selecting talent, onboarding, and maintaining the ongoing relationship.”
Co-Founder & CTO, StashAway

What is Django Development?

Django is an open-source web framework in Python used for designing, developing, and deploying web applications following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern.

Django developers use it for creating models, views, and templates and may use third-party packages to enhance functionality.

Django also includes tools for testing, configuration management, and deploying to web servers. It is a powerful and flexible solution for building high-quality web applications.

What is Django used for?
Building Web Applications: e.g., social networks, content management systems, e-commerce websites, and more.
Backend development: e.g., developing APIs for mobile and web applications, building data processing and analytics tools, and more.
Rapid Prototyping: Django's high-level framework allows developers to quickly create prototypes of web applications and test ideas without spending a lot of time on the initial setup.
Content Management: Django includes a powerful and extensible admin interface, making it well-suited for content management systems and other applications that require a backend for managing content.
Data-driven applications: Django's Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system provides a simple and powerful way to manage data and create data-driven web applications.
Collaboration: Django's modularity and reusability make it well-suited for collaboration, allowing developers to easily share and reuse code across multiple projects and teams.

Benefits of having a Django Developer in your Team

Django developers have experience in designing and developing high-quality web applications that are secure, scalable, and reliable. They can leverage Django's features and best practices to build robust applications that meet your requirements.

With a skilled Django developer on your team, you can save time and resources by avoiding common pitfalls and roadblocks that can arise during the development process. They can help you build web applications faster and more efficiently.

Django developers follow a modular and reusable approach to web development, allowing them to easily share and reuse code across multiple projects and teams. This can reduce development time and maintenance costs over the long term.

A Django developer can work with your team to share their knowledge and expertise in web development and help improve collaboration between developers.

Django developers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in web development, ensuring that your web applications remain relevant and effective in the long term.

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Django Developers are skilled in designing and developing high-quality web applications that are secure, scalable, and reliable. They can help you build better web applications, faster and with less risk, while also reducing long-term maintenance costs.

At Mangtas, we help augment your staff through our partnerships with reliable tech vendors. Through this ecosystem, we are able to provide you with top tech talents at scale. Together, let's elevate your business to new heights!  

All of our Django Developers go through a rigorous process of skills, expertise, and knowledge assessments. This ensures that you are only matched with the best profiles that you are looking for.

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Quality Work
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Cost Effective
Reduce your costs by up to 70% without sacrificing on the quality of service/s you receive with just a small transaction fee.
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