The all-around universal programming language.

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We are your reliable partner in providing you with highly vetted and exceptionally skilled Java developers who can help elevate the tech side of your business!

At Mangtas, we have created a curated marketplace of tech vendors so that you can readily and easily augment your staff with top vetted tech talent.
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"The team at Mangtas have gone through great lengths to prepare high quality assessments and interview pattern, helping in placing our best engineers with the best customers.

Mangtas is very experienced with remote working and has simply been great to work with."
CTO, VP Sales, Metadesign Solutions
“Mangtas really helped us by matching our staffing needs to highly vetted talents from theirvendor ecosystem.

I can now focus on getting our exciting products to market – without having to worry about the unreliability and overhead that usually comes with outsourcing.”
VP Engineering, OhMyHome
"It is a great experience working with the team.

Mangtas has a smooth onboarding process, the account managers are always there to help and answer your questions, and the payments are secure and on-time. They helped us to get business for niche technology teams."
Founder, Repozitory

What is Java?

Java is a popular programming language for developing applications. There are currently millions of Java applications in use, making it a popular choice among developers for more than 20 years.

Java is a simple, platform-independent, object-oriented language. It is a fast, secure, and reliable programming language that can be used to create anything from mobile apps and enterprise software to big data applications and server-side technologies.

Benefits of Having a Java Developer in your Team

Java is one of the most trusted programming languages, particularly for creating robust Android apps.  

If you're planning to develop an Android app, employing Java developers would be a terrific idea.

Hiring a Java developer could be very beneficial if you want to leverage Big Data.

Because Java has been around for so long, Java developers will develop next-generation apps using a variety of libraries, debuggers, and other Java tools that have withstood the test of time.

Java developers have excellent abilities and skills and are very tech-savvy.  

They are able to develop highly technical web apps for companies thanks to their skills and strategies.

When you have a Java developer working on your project, the entire project development speeds up and the time to market is reduced.

To launch the app faster than the competition, dedicated Java developers will focus on every stage of the project's development.

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Java Developers create highly-technical applications with flexibility and efficiency. They make sure that you deliver high quality products and services to the market.  

At Mangtas, we help augment your tech staff through our partnerships with reliable tech vendors. Through this ecosystem, we are able to provide you with top tech talents at scale. Together, let's elevate your business to new heights!

All of our Java Developers go through a rigorous process of skills, expertise, and knowledge assessments. This ensures that you are only matched with the best profiles that you are looking for.

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Benefits for Vendors
Global Access
Available business opportunities from all over the world… or just close to home.
Cost Effective
The platform is FREE plus we do the marketing for you!
Build a Reputation
Accumulate positive client endorsements and elevate your status.
Ease of Use
Well structured collaboration tools integrated for a smooth and transparent work flow.
Direct Payout
Receive payment immediately upon project completion.
Benefits for Clients
Quality Work
Vetted and highly-skilled teams for your project needs.
Easy Management
Straightforward, single point of contact. Team leader will delegate to his/her team members.
Cost Effective
Reduce your costs by up to 70% without sacrificing on the quality of service/s you receive with just a small transaction fee.
Secure Payments
No hidden costs. Always know what you'll pay for upfront. Your payment won't be released until you approve the work.
Full non-disclosure agreements.