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"We are using the Mangtas Platform to connect with fantastic clients.
Their matching process ensures that clients are a good fit, and that long term deals are closed quickly.

Also, contracting, payments, etc. is all well streamlined for us.

Mangtas is a very reliable partner."
Co-Founder, Thinkitive
"Through their vendor selection and rigorous candidate vetting process, Mangtas provides us high-quality candidates that result in a higher closing rate than other vendors, saving us a lot of time and speeding up our hiring.
They are also very customer-centric and responsive to our requests. It's been a pleasure working with them."
VP Engineering Ninja Van Group
"The team at Mangtas have gone through great lengths to prepare high quality assessments and interview pattern, helping in placing our best engineers with the best customers.
Mangtas is very experienced with remote working and has simply been great to work with."
CTO, VP Sales, Metadesign Solutions

What is Solidity?

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language specifically developed by the Ethereum Network team for building and designing smart contracts on Blockchain platforms.

It is used to develop smart contracts that implement business logic and generate a chain of transaction records in the blockchain system.

What are Solidity Smart Contracts commonly used in?

Financial services

Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications

Digital Identity

Solving identity theft and data monopoly, applications of digital ID in the Internet of Things (IoT)


Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)


Retail investments

Legal Applications


NFT marketplaces, NFT games


Blind Auctions


Advantages of Solidity Programming

Solidity is very safe and impossible to hack thanks to its decentralized network and industry-leading encryption.  

The blockchain ledger in this language also enables organizations to keep a comprehensive, traceable record of data over time.

Solidity creates smart contracts of any complexity and scope using blockchain logic.  

The top Solidity developers are proficient in utilizing advanced attributes including multi-level inheritance properties and type-safe functions via the Application Binary Interface (ABI).

Although the Solidity programming language was initially created for Ethereum, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows it to run on a variety of platforms.  

Solidity also provides a large selection of integration tools to create smart contracts across industries, including finance, legal, logistics, retail, gaming, and more.

Hiring Solidity developers from Mangtas' impressive talent network empowers businesses to cut data management expenses by eliminating costly intermediaries, speeding up processing time, and protecting themselves from liability for data leaks.

While Solidity programming is most prominent on Ethereum, it is being adopted by various blockchain platforms and enterprises, including Binance Smart Chain, Counterparty, ErisDB, Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph, Monax, Tendermint, and Tron.

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Solidity Developers build smart contracts that safeguard your digital data and assets. They make sure that you deliver high quality products and services to the market.  

At Mangtas, we help augment your tech staff through our partnerships with reliable tech vendors. Through this ecosystem, we are able to provide you with top tech talents at scale. Together, let's elevate your business to new heights!  

All of our Solidity Developers go through a rigorous process of skills, expertise, and knowledge assessments. This ensures that you are only matched with the best profiles that you are looking for.  

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Benefits for Vendors
Global Access
Available business opportunities from all over the world… or just close to home.
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Build a Reputation
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Ease of Use
Well structured collaboration tools integrated for a smooth and transparent work flow.
Direct Payout
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Benefits for Clients
Quality Work
Vetted and highly-skilled teams for your project needs.
Easy Management
Straightforward, single point of contact. Team leader will delegate to his/her team members.
Cost Effective
Reduce your costs by up to 70% without sacrificing on the quality of service/s you receive with just a small transaction fee.
Secure Payments
No hidden costs. Always know what you'll pay for upfront. Your payment won't be released until you approve the work.
Full non-disclosure agreements.